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Welcome to the Victorian Climbing Club's Online Guidebook Resource

The idea is:

  • Guidebooks are edited online, which speeds up the process and allows input from a greater variety of people. 
  • Anybody can contribute to the information. Using wiki-style editing tools, moderators responsible for areas can manage and edit contributed information.
  • The content is available free online. In the end the information belongs to the climbing community, and the web is the best way to make that information available.
  • The printed document is generated directly from the web content, ensuring the printed guide is always up to date with the latest content.
  • Print-on-demand technology will enable you to order quality bound publications online, posted to your door. This process vastly reduces the risks associated with minimum-quantity print runs using traditional publishing.
  • Download to smartphone and tablet PCs.

This approach was pioneered by the Tasmanian climbing community (check out from which we have borrowed most of the ideas and tools.

To find out more about the Victorian Climbing Club, check out the VCC Website.

Recent posts from the Webmaster:

Buffalo Guidebook Updates

Version 1.0.4 of the Mount Buffalo Guidebook Updates has been published. You can download the completed PDF from the main VCC website.

Routes Database Imported

Just spent a few hours writing a script to pull all the existing data from the VCC Routes Database. It's not 100% clean and tidy yet, but I'll go through it as time allows and clean things up.

Introduction to Climbing in Victoria
Djurite (Mount Arapiles)
      Colosseum Wall Area
            Colosseum Wall9 climbs
      King Rat Cliffs
            Bermuda Trangle Wall1 climbs
            White Mice Walls1 climbs
            Hunger Gully1 climbs
                  Upper Hunger Gully
                        Buttress Buttress Gully9 climbs
            King Rat Gully1 climbs
      Pilot Error Cliffs
            Pilot Error Wall1 climbs
      The Atridae
            Cassandra Wall and The Flight Deck1 climbs
            The Atridae Main Wall1 climbs
            Agamemnon Buttress and surrounds1 climbs
      Organ Pipes3 climbs
            Cirque of the Climbables1 climbs
      Central Gully Left5 climbs
            Charity Buttress2 climbs
            Dog Wall10 climbs
            Leafy Quoit and surrounds4 climbs
            Pebbles and Bam Bam Area1 climbs
            Shattered Buttress3 climbs
            Stoat Wall1 climbs
            Wailing Wall1 climbs
      Central Gully Right Side
            Reaper Buttress2 climbs
            Mari Buttress1 climbs
      Fang Buttress and Surrounds
            Fang Buttress4 climbs
      Tiger Wall1 climbs
            Upper Tiger Wall1 climbs
      The Pharos1 climbs
            Pharos Boulders2 problems
      Pharos Gully
            Heckle and Jeckle Area1 climbs
      Watchtower Faces2 climbs
      The Northern Group
            Mysteries Wall1 climbs
            Echo Crag1 climbs
            Hurts Wall5 climbs
            Harlequin Cracks Area3 climbs
      The Far Northern Group1 climbs
            Lower Hum Wall1 climbs
      Mitre Rock1 climbs
            South Mitre1 climbs
Gariwerd (The Grampians)
      Mount Stapylton Area
            Summerday Valley1 climbs
            Coppermine Track Cliff1 climbs
            Mount Stapylton (The Amphitheatre)
                  Central Buttress2 climbs
                  Epsilon Wall4 climbs
                  Bad Moon Rising Wall3 climbs
                  Taipan Wall2 climbs
                  Northern Wall3 climbs
            Stapylton Campground
                  Mini Castle Crag
                        Crag with a cave12 climbs
                        Masadas Stronghold4 climbs
                  Doddery Rock1 climbs
                        First Face2 climbs
                        Second Face1 climbs
                        Third Face5 climbs
                        Fourth Face3 climbs
                  Mount Pleasant8 climbs
            Cave Cliff1 climbs
            Hollow Mountain Area
                  Van Diemans Land2 climbs
                  Guernica Block Area3 climbs
                  Amnesty Wall-Amphiteatre5 climbs
            Mount of Olives
                  Chossy Gully1 climbs
            Mount Zero
                  Watchmen Cliff2 climbs
      The Mount Difficult Range
            Briggs Bluff Area
                  Centurion Walls
                  Pacific Ocean Wall1 climbs
            South-East Mount Difficult Range
                  Hardenbergia Rocks1 climbs
                  Alpenglow Rock1 climbs
                  Forrest Rock10 climbs
                  The Watchtower
                  Currajong Rocks1 climbs
            Eastern Mount Difficult Range
                  Lebanon14 climbs
                  Lunar Walls8 climbs
                  No Mans Land12 climbs
            Frogmouth Rock5 climbs
            Breakfast Room Buttress8 climbs
            North West Mount Difficult Range
      Asses Ears
            Asses Ears - Main Face47 climbs 1 problems
            Summit Track Wall2 climbs
            Dead Ahead Cliff8 climbs
            Schroeders Cliff13 climbs
            Top of the Range Wall5 climbs
            Asses Ears - Southern Face7 climbs
            Sunset Crags29 climbs
            The Secret Cliff23 climbs
            The Top Secret Cliff1 climbs
            Hidden Wall6 climbs
            White Wall3 climbs
            Conifer Wall6 climbs
            Porcelain Wall2 climbs
            Brim Creek4 climbs
            Brim Springs54 climbs
            Cherub Wall90 climbs
            Maul Wall10 climbs
            Wallaby Rocks53 climbs
            Joey Blocks12 climbs
            The Zumyangs1 climbs
      Halls Gap-Wonderland
            The Garrets6 climbs
            Northern Wonderland Range1 climbs
                  Relph Rock3 climbs
            Grand Canyon Area
                  Garden of the Grampians6 climbs
            Samba Rocks2 climbs
            Punters Pinnacle8 climbs
            Lookout Point2 climbs
            The Radiator1 climbs
      Mount William Range
            North East
            North West
                  The Grand Old Man1 climbs
                  Little Joe Hill1 climbs
                  Diving-Board Rocks4 climbs
                  The Peanut Gallery2 climbs
            Birdswing Cliff6 climbs
            Barbican Area
                  Blind Mans Bluff6 climbs
                  Barbican Wall8 climbs
                  Barbican Rocks4 climbs
            Southern Areas
                  Bovine Cliff1 climbs
                  Redmans Bluff1 climbs
                  Mount William
                        Lower Cliff - Mount William2 climbs
                        Upper Cliff - Mount William7 climbs
      South Eastern Grampians
            Bundaleer13 climbs
                  Addition Wall9 climbs
            Town Slab
            Mount Abrupt
                  The Cheesecake1 climbs
            Mount Rosea3 climbs
            Boulder Rock1 climbs
      North West Grampians (Black Guide)
            Black Range
                  Dolerite Block Area1 climbs
                  Cave Hill Area3 climbs
            Pinnacle Ridge Cliffs8 climbs
            Bunjil Saddle Cliff4 climbs
            Burnt Shack Gully Area5 climbs
            Stawell Speedway Area
                  Car Wreck Blocks8 climbs
                  Dinosaur Rocks6 climbs
                  Petrol Head Blocks11 climbs
                  The Turret5 climbs
            Western Outcrop11 climbs
      The Victoria Range
            Southern Plateau
                  Worlds End1 climbs
            Emus Foot
            Red Rocks Road
                  The Tower2 climbs
                        Gallery No. 23 climbs
                  Mount Fox Access
                        Hollywood Bowl1 climbs
                        Mount Fox1 climbs
                  Red Rocks Pinnacle4 climbs
                        North Pinnacle2 climbs
                        The Back Wall1 climbs
                        Pellant Pinnacle1 climbs
                  Espanol Pinnacle4 climbs
                  The Catacombs3 climbs
                  The Labyrinth8 climbs
                        Main Wall - The Labyrinth4 climbs
                        Right of the Flow2 climbs
            Harrop Track
                  Ruined Castle3 climbs
                        Tier 23 climbs
                        Tier 38 climbs
                        Tier 18 climbs
                        Tier 41 climbs
                  Gilhams Crag7 climbs
                  Ultima Thule1 climbs
                  Curiosity Crag2 climbs
            The Fortress
                  Black Knight Buttress3 climbs
Mount Buffalo
      Mount Buffalo Introduction
      The Road Up
            Eurobin Falls4 climbs
            Mackeys Lookout10 climbs
      South Side of The Gorge
            Gorge Rim - South East2 climbs
            Angels Buttress1 climbs
            Bents Lookout1 climbs
            Burstons Crevasse2 climbs
            Beowulf Area1 climbs
            Waterfall Area1 climbs
      North Side of The Gorge
            North Wall - Left Hand Side3 climbs
            She and Ozymandias Area2 climbs
            Wilkinsons Lookout Area2 climbs
      The Plateau
            Reservoir Environs
                  Devils Couch3 climbs
            Catani Environs
                  The Monolith2 climbs
                  Viewpoint Area1 climbs
                  Chalwell Galleries4 climbs
                  Other Areas Close to Camp3 climbs
            Upper Plateau
                  The Castle1 climbs
                  The Cathedral7 climbs
                  The Hump Summit8 climbs
                  The Hump Main Wall6 climbs
                  Back Wall1 climbs
            The Horn Environs
                  The Mothballs
                  Dreamworld6 climbs
                  The Horn10 climbs
      Other Areas of Mount Buffalo
            Nug Nug2 climbs
Eastern Victoria
      Maroondah Highway
            Cathedral Ranges et al
                  Ben Cairn
                        Lower Cliff - Ben Cairn1 climbs
                        Main Cliff1 climbs
            The Cathedral Range
                  North Jawbone1 climbs
                        Location Name
      Hume Highway
            McFarlanes Hill
                  The Citadel1 climbs
                  The Dairy2 climbs
            Mount Pilot1 climbs
      South Gippsland Highway Corridor
            Melbourne - Toora
                  Cape Shanck
                  Cape Woolamai
                        Pirate Pete Cove
                        Pulpit Rocks
                        Red Rock Area
                        The Big Cliff Area
                        The Middle Coast Area
                        The Pinnacles Area
                  Wilsons Promontory
                  Cape Liptrap
      Princess Highway Corridor
                  Nelson Crag
                        Crucifix Wall4 climbs
                        Main Wall - Nelson Crag2 climbs
            Stradford - Bairnsdale
                  Rock Creek Crag
                  Den of Nargun3 climbs
                  Snowy Bluff
                  The Amphitheatre
Northwest Victoria
      Black Hill
            Virgin Summit Tor1 climbs
            Northern Group (Black Hill)1 climbs
      Mount Buangor107 climbs
            The Vineyard10 climbs
            Reservoir Rocks11 climbs
      Loddon River Falls
            West Side
                  Main Wall - West Side1 climbs
      Mount Kooyoora
            S.A.M. Boulders2 climbs
            Bitumen Blues Boulders1 climbs
      Mount Alexander50 climbs
            Dog Rocks3 climbs
            The Pullout2 climbs
            Scorpion Rocks15 climbs
            Langs Lookout7 climbs
            Steves Rock1 climbs
            The Devils Playground
            The Quarry1 climbs
            Gymwear Wall5 climbs
            Wabbit Wocks45 climbs
            Rabbit Rocks16 climbs
            Possum Rock
            Crows Nest Wall
            Cicada Outcrop
            Woodworm Boulder
            Blue Tongue Boulders18 climbs
      Mount Korong22 climbs
            Burning Bog Roll Buttress21 climbs
            Orienteering Wall1 climbs
      Eastern Peake17 climbs
      Mount Beckworth
            Baal Rock Spur90 climbs
            The Main Group123 climbs
            The Upper Valley57 climbs
            The Plantation66 climbs
            The East Side Boulders43 climbs
      The Pinnacles15 climbs
Southwest Victoria
      You Yangs
            Saddle Road and Environs
                  Saddle South Side- West Walk Areas1 climbs
            Cressy Gully Road Area
                  Cressy Gully Walls2 climbs
                  The Fairground3 climbs
            Turntable Environs
                  East Walk Areas
                        Sophies Boulders3 climbs
                  West Walk Areas
                        The Lookout1 climbs
            Gravel Pit Tor Area
                  Boneseed Boulders1 climbs
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